EJIS is edited by a team of editors from the Great Western Four (GW4) university alliance which consists of the University of Bath, University of Bristol, Cardiff University and the University of Exeter, with colleagues from the universities of Washington and Gothenburg.

Tim EdmundsTim Edmunds
University of Bristol
(Editor in Chief)


Adrian Hyde-Price

Adrian Hyde-Price
University of Gothenburg
(Lead Editor, Europe)


Elizabeth Kier
University of Washington
(Lead Editor, North America)


Christian Bueger

Christian Bueger
Cardiff University
(Associate Editor)


David Galbreath

David Galbreath
University of Bath
(Associate Editor)


Anthony KingAnthony King
University of Warwick
(Associate Editor)


Jutta Weldes

Jutta Weldes
University of Bristol
(Associate Editor)



Theo Farrell
City, University of London (Chair)

Tarak Barkawi
London School of Economics

Alex Bellamy
University of Queensland

Shampa Biswas
Whitman College

Ruth Blakeley
University of Kent

Tanisha Fazal
University of Notre Dame

Alexandra Gheciu
University of Ottawa

Dominic Johnson
St Anthony’s College, Oxford

Elke Krahmann
Brunel University

Keith Krause
Graduate Institute, Geneva

Ulrich Krotz
European University Institute

Megan Mackenzie
University of Sydney

Vincent Pouliot
McGill University

Sebastian Rosato
University of Notre Dame

Sten Rynning
University of Southern Denmark

Stephen Saideman
Carlton University

Laura Shepherd
University of New South Wales

Pascal Vennesson
NTU Singapore

Nicholas Wheeler
University of Birmingham

Rachel Woodward
University of Newcastle

Anthoni van Niewkerk
University of the Witwatersrand

Mike Williams

Wu Xinbo
University of Fudan

Yongjin Zhang
University of Bristol

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